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Ruhama | Supporting women affected by prostitution and trafficking


All women who engage with Ruhama are offered our Casework service.

This service is provided to women in a non-judgmental and non-conditional on women exiting prostitution, approach. It is also free of charge and no visa is required.

After an initial meeting and assessment with a woman, she is offered an in-­depth personalised Casework service. This service involves designing a person-­centred Care Plan which responds holistically and is tailor made, to cater for each individual woman's needs. 

The woman will be assigned a caseworker, to work with her in identifying her goals and issues, and support her in addressing them through implementing her care plan. 

Ruhama’s casework can be for a short length of time but generally speaking, a full care plan will take between 2 and 2.5 years to complete. However, some more complex cases, particularly women who are victims of trafficking, can take longer to complete. Initially, emotional support and help coping with recent trauma is vitally important, particularly in many cases where women have no other support networks available to them.

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