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Ruhama | Supporting women affected by prostitution and trafficking


Ruhama offers one-to-one counselling and art therapy.

Our counsellors are fully trained to listen and help you explore your feelings, thoughts and behavours. This happens in a confidential, safe and non judgemental way. 

Our therapy room is quiet and relaxing. Here you can sit and talk with your therapist in a warm, friendly and confidential environment.

Remember, going to see a counsellor: 

  • Is not a sign of weakness
  • Does not mean you can’t cope
  • Does not mean you are ‘cracking up’ or ‘going mad’.
  • It helps you get control back over your life
  • It’s positive and takes care of your emotional and psychological well being.
Counselling room in Ruhama
Counselling room in Ruhama
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