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Ruhama | Supporting women affected by prostitution and trafficking

How donations are used

Who will my donation help?

Your donation will go directly to providing support to women affected by prostitution including victims of sex trafficking.

Click here to read two stories of prostitution and trafficking:


How will my donation be used?

Donations large and small are welcomed and will be put to immediate use in direct services. Ruhama works very hard to keep administrative costs very low, availing of volunteer hours wherever possible. However, there are still costs that need to be covered through fundraising and grants from philanthropic groups - this is why your donation is so vital.

Below are some examples of how your donation will be used:

  • €41 provides a one to one session with a professional career guidance counsellor
  • €80 provides the basic necessities for a trafficked woman who has escaped her trafficker (e.g. mobile phone, toiletries...)
  • €150 provides supplies and petrol for the Outreach Van for one month
  • €100 provides a 'home-start' kit of homeware essentials for women entering independent accommodation
  • €500 provides sponsorship for a woman to access education
  • €950 provides telephones, including all caseworkers' telephones for one month
  • €1300 provides rent, rates and heats for one week.

What will my donation achieve?

Women are empowered and strengthened by Ruhama to make small steps that lead to big changes in their lives. Your donation will directly support this important work.

Below are some examples of the inspiring steps that women may take:

  • Meet a caseworker to discuss their priorities and needs
  • Devise a career path plan with a career guidance counsellor
  • Start one to one tutoring at Ruhama's centre or start an education/training course locally
  • Study and pass state examinations (i.e. Junior and Leaving Certificate)
  • Exit prostitution
  • Sign up for volunteer work
  • Participate in work placement programmes
  • Start a new job
  • Find a new home
  • Re-connect with friends and family
  • Engage in the therapeutic process of counselling
  • Enter a drug-rehabilitation programme
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