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Ruhama | Supporting women affected by prostitution and trafficking

What Volunteers Say

What do our Volunteers have to say about Ruhama?

We are lucky to have a diverse, passionate volunteering team, from all walks of life and of all ages. 

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Quotes from Our Volunteers

Veronica, Art Therapist: "One of the things which I feel makes my work worthwhile is to see the women taken control of their lives. For many of them, they have been controlled by others. Now they can make decisions for themselves, have hope for the future, look at the options they can hope for and accept themselves as strong women." 

Karen, Outreach Van Volunteer: "I’d like to think that even offering a hot drink on a cold night from the van might have cheered a woman. Mostly however, the fact that few women fail to recognise the Ruhama van suggests to me that, as a team, we are a collective constant on which they know they can depend, should they ever want or need to. That feels like quite a big achievement to me.  On a personal level, on a few specific nights for a few specific women, I think I may have offered some real support at a vulnerable time, and that feels like an achievement." 

"Meeting the women in prostitution; I was so struck by their resilience and drive to survive. After a busy night on the van driving home, feeling good that I might have done some good that night."

Lisa, Outreach Van Volunteer: "About 1-2 years ago, we met a very young woman, who we used meet frequently at that time, who was having a really tough night. She came into the van for a cup of tea, some chocolate and you could tell she was having a really hard week, she was upset, she was just beaten down by life. But we chatted away for a while, and she thanked us for being there and listening to the crap she had had to put up with that week. As she was leaving, she mentioned in passing that it was her birthday. I remembered we had a women's day bag (nail varnish, couple little things, wrapped really prettily) left in the press so I dug it out and gave it to her saying 'happy birthday!'. Her face lit up - nobody had wished her a happy birthday all day, she said. We wished her a happy birthday again (potentially we sang it - I can't remember), she hugged us, and went on her way. There were tears in our eyes - something so tiny and last minute - clearly made a difference to her."

Holistic Therapist Volunteer: "I work for Ruhama, because I want to make a difference in the lives of women. I want to be part of an organisation that empowers women to reclaim their own power and to have a sense of agency over their lives."

Susan, Reflexology Volunteer: "One of the reasons that I continue to do this work is the fact that the women come back for more and that it works for them. Sometimes the sensations or aches in the client's body can be picked up in her feet and after a few sessions, these can be reduced. Occasionally the women do not have English language skills and as this therapy doesn't demand a conversation, it can be done with just relaxing music playing in the background. At other times some of their repressed emotions come to the fore and I offer them a listening ear."

Kasia, Volunteer: "I think that each of us experienced some sort of vulnerability in our lives.  I wanted to offer the little support to other women who find themselves so exposed to vulnerability."

Rachael, Volunteer: "I wanted to do something to help people who are vulnerable, I had met many women who had been in prostitution and had witnessed the toll it can take on their self-esteem and mental wellbeing."

Maureen, Volunteer: "I volunteered as I hoped that assisting with education would enable the women to have choices."

Cat, Volunteer: "The atmosphere and support with the other volunteers and the chance to feel like you can make a difference for someone who needs some support - no matter how big or small that difference is. "

Volunteer: "I am a woman and there were times in my life when I needed support and it made such a difference. I am in a much better position now". 


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